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                                     LDP Centrifugal  Tonke  Pump  

  irculation water pump for the cooling water system , and used for the hot water system under 150 ℃.

Detailed parameters

Joint development designed by DRAKOS PUMP of Singapore and  TONGKE FLOW company .
Used for Pure ,slightly pollouted  and gressive liquid with a viscosity of up to 150 mm2/s,solid particles less than 2 mm.
Installation size according DIN 2425 ,Maintenance -friendly,Removal of rotor unit with pump casing in suit. To avoid abrasion of shaft, the part where the shaft runs through packing chamber is fitte d with protective muff.O ring is fitted between muff and shaft to protect aga inst air entering or water leaking along the matching surface.The pump is connected to motor with extending flexible coupling. The pump turns clockwise when you look from the driving end

Technical specification

 Capacity up to 4000 m3/h
 Head up to 110 m
 Temperature range -20℃~110 ℃
 Pump speed 1000-3600 RPM

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